About Us

Zzz Atelier [zee at-lee-yey]

zzz noun (informal) sleep
atelier noun[c] a studio, a workshop

Zzz Atelier is a new Australian brand started in 2015. We call ourselves the "sleep workshop" because we see ourselves not just as a mattress maker, but rather a collaboration workshop where technology, innovation and thoughtful ideas collide together to fuse the creation of outstanding sleep quality.

We started this business because we love to sleep on wonderful mattress, but not the enormous price tag that usually comes with it. So we started to really look into what makes a great mattress, what ingredients genuinely impact your sleep quality, and what are the things that simply waste consumer dollars. We then focus on searching for top notch technology and quality where it really matters. To ensure that we come up with products that are truly perfect for Australian users, we made sure that an experienced chiropractor was actively engaged in all stages of our mattress design, every step along the way. 

The end results? Amazing value mattresses yet extremely comfortable and healthy sleep which our customers can attest to.

We may be small in size, but we dream big, and the sleep quality and value that we deliver is nothing short of humongous. 


Australian Owned Business

Australian Owned Business
Zzz Atelier is a proudly Australian owned business. Your purchase with us contributes directly towards supporting the Australian economy.
We know the Australians sleepers and work to develop our products to best meet the physique, sleeping habits, and expectations of Australian users, paying attention to the finer details that overseas retailer often overlook.
We are based in Melbourne and Sydney. This means all of our orders are shipped directly from within the country. Purchase your mattress from Zzz Atelier and you shall receive your mattress within days. No more long waits for items to arrive from halfway around the world.