The Importance of a Good Mattress for Your Health


Did you know that 45% of Australian adults don’t get good sleep? Not the kind of news you’d like to hear on last year’s World Sleep Day, but we must confront the statistics.

Sleep is a significant contributor to our physical and mental well-being. If we don’t get quality snooze, we tend to be less focused and less productive and more temperamental and more sluggish. Many of you are probably guilty of making unnecessary purchases the day after you tossed and turned in bed!

So, why not do something about it?

Many things can improve sleep quality, and one of the most popular is getting a good mattress. How?

Reduces Back Pain

It turns out; sleeping isn’t that simple. Your weight should be distributed evenly across your body to prevent chronic pain. Some might think that an extra soft mattress is an answer, but it’s not. A soft mattress can direct most of the weight on your hips and shoulders, which can cause tension around your lower back. It’s best to sleep on a mattress that follows the natural shape of your spine.

Stops Tossing and Turning

We all know how refreshing an uninterrupted sleep at night can be. Tossing and turning can ruin sleep quality and affect that of the person sleeping next to you. Each time you roll, waves of motion is created and transferred throughout your mattress. These waves are also absorbed by other people sharing the bed.

“A high-quality mattress absorbs motion waves, which means you’ll be less likely to disturb other people when turning over or getting out of bed.”, says Karina Wolfin, home management expert at Direct Appliance Rentals.

Reduces Stress Levels

We can’t emphasise this hard enough. But quality sleep is necessary for reducing stress. Lack of quality sleep causes the body to produce more stress hormones, which raises blood pressure. And if your blood pressure is high, you tend to feel more agitated.

Poor sleep quality can also cause binge eating, lower libido, slow reaction time, and confusion---all of which can add layers of guilt.

May Help with Snoring

Snoring happens when your airway becomes partially blocked during sleep. Several factors can cause this, and one of them is sleeping on a saggy mattress. When you sleep without sufficient support for your head and neck, the throat can become constricted.

For a snore-free slumber, choose a mattress with medium firmness. Here’s a comprehensive guide to finding the best mattress for you.

Reduces Allergy Symptoms

Can’t stop sneezing? Your indoor air is probably polluted with tiny particles from the mattress. It’s only natural for the foam and fibre to disintegrate over time—but this shouldn’t happen too fast!

Premium mattresses can maintain its structural integrity for years. Plus, a denser structure is less likely to be inhabited by dust mites.

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